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Industrial Partners, Sponsors and Professional Networks

On behalf of the organizing committee and partners, INSTICC has a great pleasure in inviting you to attend the International Congress on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support, to be held on 15-17 November, 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, which is integrated in a set of related events that will gather more than 500 delegates.

We aim at an extensive and exciting program, to be centered around the theme “Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support”, spanning all application areas of technology, especially information and communication technologies, and engineering, such as signal processing, mobile computing, informatics and robotics, to sport, including improvement of physical activities, training, sports medicine, biotechnology, sports management, amongst other application areas in sports.

icSPORTS 2015 will bring together engineers, computer scientists and world renowned experts and researchers, providing a privileged forum for showcasing your organization to an audience that is highly focused on your field of work. INSTICC offers a set of opportunities designed to support your marketing objectives, including an exhibition and demonstration area, speaker slots, and publishing materials as advertising packs.

To find out more information, select one the items above, or contact us.

Current Industrial Partners:


SCITESOFT provides top-edge software development services tailored to any type of business, from custom programming services to mobile application design. We abide to the highest standards of quality in a cost-effective manner with the concern to increase productivity and a faster development time.

Artinis Medical Systems

Artinis Medical Systems is an innovative Dutch company active in the field of medical research and quality assurance. We make gold standard x-ray phantoms for quality control in radiology and mammography. We also manufacture NIRS devices. The PortaMon and the PortaLite are highly portable and wireless NIRS devices. The OxyMon is our very versatile multichannel NIRS system. Our near infrared spectroscopy(NIRS) devices can be used to monitor oxygen supply non-invasively in living tissue (both brain and muscle).
We aim to provide our clients worldwide with superior fit-for-purpose solutions, R&D support, comprehensive training, and effective after-sales support. We can do so based upon our extensive knowledge of the field and on close co-operation with expert groups at various scientific institutions. We are an independent manufacturer and are therefore able to choose the best components available on the market for our products.

Brain Products GmbH

Brain Products GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solutions for neurophysiological research.
Our range of products includes, e.g.:
- EEG (Electroencephalography) recording caps equipped with gel-based or dry electrodes
- EEG amplifiers including wireless digital EEG systems for mobile applications
- Sensors for measuring peripheral physiological signals (e.g. acceleration, blood pulse, etc.)
- Software for signal recording and analysis
Application fields our products are used in by labs all over the world are, e.g.:
- EEG / ERP / EP
- BCI (Brain-Computer Interfaces), Bio-/Neurofeedback and Assistive Technologies
- mobile & wireless EEG
- EEG co-registrations with fMRI, NIRS, TMS, etc.
- Sleep & Behavioral Research


biomechSOLUTIONS is the Spanish leading company in measurement and analysis systems for biomechanical applications focused on sports, offering solutions from the top companies in the market and giving training courses about the main biomechanical technologies. Motion analysis, electromiography, force and pressure mapping systems, rehabilitation equipments and GPS & inertial sensors are some of the solutions we offer to the market.


STATS LLC is the world’s leading sports technology, data and content company. Our mission is to revolutionize the way sports contests are viewed, understood, played and enjoyed. STATS provides real-time scores, historical sports information, Associated Press editorial content, a turnkey fantasy sports operation, brand activation solutions and SportVU technology. STATS is headquartered in Chicago with offices globally. For more information:

Biomekanikk AS

Biomekanikk AS is a Norwegian company developing and delivering instruments and systems for biomechanical analysis of human behavior in sports. Our productrange include:
- EMG with video and gyroscope on the Android platform
- Portable force plates with PC software
- Large treadmills for cross-country skiing
- Photocells for accurate timing


BodyCap's® original concept idea materialized in 2006 during a meeting between NXP's, R&D team, Caen Hospital University physicians and the Caen Basse Normandie University Inserm lab team for Human Physiology research.
Image illustrant l'Historique de la société BodyCapEver since, BodyCap has built on its co-founders complimentary microelectronic, physical, physiological and medical skills in order, both to develop the most appropriate innovative solutions and meet clinical needs.
Meeting medical sector needs, BodyCap develops solutions, which enable:
• Effective decision-making
• Improved patient management and return-home support
• Ensured continuum between medical structures and patients
• Access at a nominal cost to physiological data
• The exploitation of new diagnostic fields thanks to miniaturization technologie


At AMTI we understand that the Best Science begins with the Best Measurements. We continually work to develop the most reliable and precise Multi-Axis Force Platforms and Sensors for your needs. Whether studying Balance, Gait, or Sport Performance, the world is fundamentally multi-axial. The complexity of our movements can only be accurately observed, measured and tested with multi-axis instruments.


Kistler's track record as a manufacturer of measuring instruments for biomechanics stretches back half a century. And right from the beginning, our company has set new standards. In universities, clinics and rehabilitation centers, Kistler force plates are indispensable tools for clinical research, sports and performance diagnostics, motion analysis and occupational safety. Kistler’s long-lasting, high-precision piezoelectric sensors deliver reliable measurement results – even under the toughest conditions. To achieve top sporting performances, athletes need tailored training methods that are continuously optimized in line with their needs using our force plates.