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About the Region What to see and do Useful Information

About the Region What to see and do Useful Information

Useful Information

Time Zone

Vienna’s time is in the Central European Time (UTC +1).

Los Angeles, USA: +9h
New York, USA: +6h
London. U.K.: +1h
Lisbon, Portugal: +1h
Berlin, Germany: =
Paris, France: =
Madrid, Spain: =
Rome, Italy: =
Helsinki, Finland: -1h
Ankara, Turkey: -2h
Hong Kong, China: -7h
Tokyo, Japan: -8h



The currency in Austria is the Euro (10 EUR is approximately 11.2464 USD and 8.60013 GBP). More information about updated exchange rates can be found at the XE Website.

You can pay for your purchases by credit card without problem, but, if you prefer, you can withdraw cash with credit cards at cash dispensers, which can be found everywhere in the city. If you need to exchange money, it’s better to do it at a bank. Foreign exchange booths sometimes charge high fees, so please check first.



Vienna is situated in the northeast area of Austria. The city is located in a transition area of two different climates: the oceanic and the humid continental. The summers are warm, however with periodical precipitations, with temperatures that vary from the maximum 30ºC (86 °F) to the minimum 15ºC (59 °F). Winters are cold and snowfall occurs between the months of December and March, with average temperatures varying from the minimum -9ºC (15°F) to the maximum of 10ºC (50°F). In February the average daily temperature varies between 1°C (33.8°F) and 6°C (42.8°F).



The typical mains voltage for households (as well as hotels) in Vienna is 230 volts (alternating current).


Useful Phone Numbers:

There is no standard length for phone numbers in Austria, the numbers might vary between 3 and 13 digits, so if a phone number looks rather short or long when compared with others this doesn’t mean that its incorrect.

Country code: +43

International call prefix: 00

Vienna area code: 01 or 1

Emergency Services

- European emergency service: 112

- Fire department: 122

- Physician Home Call Service: 141

- Police (emergency): 133


- Vienna General Hospital (AKH): +43 01 404 00

- Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung: +43 01 711 65

- ViennaMed doctor's hotline for visitors (0-24): +43 1 513 95 95

- Evening and Sunday drugstores (0-24): 1455


Vienna Tourist Information Office / Hotel Information: +43 1 24 555

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

- American Express: 0800 900 940

- MasterCard: 0800 218 235

- Visa: 0800 200 288



Austria has several official languages and regional dialects although German is the language spoken by the vast majority of the population. 98% of Austrians consider German their mother tongue. Other languages are the Alemanic from the Vorarlberg region and Astro-Bavarian, spoken a bit everywhere. In the Capital Vienna most people will be able to at least understand English.

Some useful words and expressions in German:

Yes: Ja. (yah)

No: Nein. (nine)

Please: Bitte. (BIT-tuh)

Thank you: Danke. (DAN-keh)

I'm sorry: Es tut mir leid. (es toot meer lied)

You're welcome: Bitte sehr! (BIT-tuh zayr)

Excuse me (getting attention): Entschuldigen Sie. (ent-SHUL-di-gen zee)

Excuse me (begging pardon): Entschuldigung. (ent-SHUL-di-goong)

I don't understand: Ich verstehe das nicht. (ikh fur-SHTAY-uh dahs nikht)

Where's the toilet please?: Wo ist die Toilette, bitte? (voh ist dee twah-LET-uh, BIT-tuh?)

Do you speak English?: Sprichst du / Sprechen Sie englisch? (shprikhst doo / shprekhen zee ENG-lish?)

I can't speak German well: Ich kann nicht so gut deutsch. (ikh kahn nikht zo goot doytsh)

Does anyone here speak English?: Kann hier jemand Englisch? (kahn heer YEH-mahnd ENG-lish?)

Help!: Hilfe! (HILL-fuh!)

Hello: Grüß Gott! (gruus got) (formal, literally: "salute to god") or Servus! (SEHR-voos) (to a friend / informal but polite) or Hallo (hállo)

Good morning: Guten Morgen. (GOO-ten MOR-gen)

Good evening: Guten Abend. (GOO-ten AH-bend)

How are you?: Wie geht's? (vee gayts?)

Fine, thank you: Danke, gut. (DAN-kuh, goot)

What's your name?: Wie heißt du? (informal to friends) (vee highst doo?)  / Wie heißen Sie? (formal) (vee HIGH-sen zee?)

My name is...: Ich heiße...(ikh HIGH-suh)

Nice to meet you: Nett, Sie kennen zu lernen. (net zee KEN-en tsoo LER-nen)

Goodbye: Tschüs. (informal) (chuuss) / Auf Wiedersehen (formal) (owf VEE-der-say-en)

Goodbye (in Bavaria/Austria): Servus! (ZEHR-foos) (to a friend / informal but polite)

Good evening: Guten Abend. (GOO-ten AH-bend)

Good night (to sleep): Gute Nacht. (GOO-tuh nakht)