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New Technologies to the Study the Golf Putting


Orlando Fernandes, Gonçalo Dias, Micael S. Couceiro, Filipe M. Clemente, Fernando Manuel Lourenço Martins, Miguel Luz, Carlos Figueiredo and Rui Mendes

Abstract: The technology evolution, especially in the last decade, allowed major advances in golf putting analysis. This scientific advance also benefited from multidisciplinary between several fields of knowledge, such as: Biomechanics, engineering, mathematics and motor control. By using digital cameras, as well as automatic tracking techniques, it is possible to obtain valuable and more accurate information about the putting gesture or ball trajectory, bringing an important feedback to athletes and trainers. In this work are presented several studies conducted on laboratorial environment, regarding golf putting. We believe that this work may contribute to a deeper analysis of human motor behavior and performance, not only for this motor skill, but also in the research for other sports gestures.