OCicSPORTS 2019 Abstracts

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 2

Design and Development of a Device for Performance Analysis in Boxing


Abhishek K. Tiwari, Ashutosh Suman Pandey and Subham Badhyal

Abstract: Continually Improved performance is key for successful boxing. To achieve improvement, it is important that boxers and coaches must analyze boxer’s action and its correlation with a successful or unsuccessful performance. Boxing coaches and athletes typically do real-time observation and analysis. This analysis, however, assesses 30% of the athlete performance only. These subjective observations are sometimes inaccurate and insufficient for performance improvement. Thus, successful performance improvement in boxing requires unbiased data. Scientific research and tool provide objective data and analysis which may be useful for performance improvement in boxing. Globally as well as in India, boxing needs such scientific analysis tool or device. In this regard, the present work focuses on the design and development of a device for performance analysis in boxing. A boxing glove embedded with tri-axial accelerometers and 3-axis gyroscope connected through Aurdino board is developed. In addition, a punch force analysis target system embedded with pressure sensors has also been developed. Boxing performance parameters such as reaction time, punch force, fist's angular rotation, acceleration and velocity in 3D space are analyzed for nine college athletes. Boxing parameters such as acceleration, fist rotation and then the force generated involved in Hook punch vs. normal punch is analyzed. Moreover, the effect of shorter and longer reach length on boxing performance has also been observed. Greater punching power is observed during hook punch. Increase in fist rotation during hook punch resulted in greater punching power. Correlations are observed between punching powers and reach length, and between acceleration and punching force. In addition to these performance parameters for Jab and cross punch are also analyzed. The key feature of this device is it's low-cost for Indian boxing affordability. Ultimately, this device can also be useful in athlete selection and objective performance assessment and improvement in boxing skills.